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Carnacki, the Ghost Finder

by William Hope Hodgson

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Where was the darned candle when you needed it ? The rapping at my door never stopped but kept on going every ten seconds or soStill, I may give Hodgson another go in the futureIt was like gazing into the abyss of repetition but a gaze effected with my "psychical" and not my "physical" eyesBut Carnackis heirs live on in television programming as various as The X Files and Ghosthunters International, not to mention the ongoing Paranormal Activity franchiseThe night again passes uneventfullyIn this brief story, rather than receiving an invitation and then eagerly attending Carnacki's storytelling evenings, the attending gentlemen are instead kidnapped, dragged to Carnacki's home, and forced to listen against their will to a tale told by a man they consider to be a raving lunaticEl paciente, llamado Bains, sufre constantes pesadillas que no le dejan conciliar el sueoCarnacki and Matheson can find no natural explanation, and so Carnacki spends the night in the room, inside his protective pentacleHodgesons style of writing is very believable and is told with a frankness and slight embarrassment of his own fear giving a very personal touch, Carnaki's narrative is filled with insecurity of his own skill and filled with theoretical questions which compliments the horror wonderfully as we follow Carnaki to the edges of phsycic abysses and his mortal Soul is laid in jeopardy

Pero en su obra tambin hay sitio para otro tipo de cuentos de terrorTo find out more, read our cookie policyFor instance the tendency of Carnacki to constantly ask his listeners/reader "Do you follow?", "Can you possibly understand what I am trying to convey?", e Starting off strong, I was struck by the effectiveness of Hodgson's writing"Against the Abyss: Carnacki the Ghost-Finder" in Ian Bell (ed) William Hope Hodgson: Voyages and VisionsThe next day, he consults the landlord, and learns something of the house's mysterious history, which includes a former tenant named Captain Tobias, and rumours of a ghostly womanIn 2008, the comic publisher Avatar started serialising Gravel, the ongoing adventures of Warren Ellis' and Mike Wolfer's combat magician William Gravel (previously told in the Strange Kisses, Stranger Kisses and the Strange Killings mini-series)For shame!The stories are a mixed bag ranging from outright paranormal with the marvellous 'The Gateway of the Monster' to Scooby-Doo style 'it was all a ruse' stories of smugglers and unbalanced old men hiding behind legends of hauntings

W"The Darkness"[edit]Lucky for me the introduction sugge Alright, there were a few worthwhile tales here, especially The Hog and The Searcher of End HouseThey settle down to dinner for about an hour then follow Carnacki to the fireside where he tells them about his latest "case"As they keep watch, the ghostly child again manifests, apparently fleeing from an unseen pursuerWell I could but I have a bed to go to and you would be boredLoads of cases are name dropped and never explored - a fan-fic writers dreamNo unnecessary updating, no loss of Hodgson’s period language or descriptionsShare This Share onFacebook Share onTwitter Carnacki forbids discussion of the case in question over dinner

RafflesAudience with the Ghost Finder[edit]The edition of Carnacki I read was one of the, I believe, Project Gutenberg versions distributed for free on Amazon, and was well formatted and proofread.It's done in a tales-told form, with the eponymous Carnacki yarning about his assorted supernatural adventures to his regular dinner companionsNonetheless, they are well worth the investment of time to read and for this collection I give a rare 5-star approval.more flag 2 likesLike see review In this fascinating group of tales, we meet Thomas Carnacki, a sort of occult investigator in Edwardian London 48a4f088c3
William Hope Hodgson
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